Melissa Davis

Digital Problem Solver, Social Media Expert, Digital Marketing, Branding Specialist

My name is Melissa McClary Davis and I’m a problem solver. More importantly, I’m a digital problem solver. I have worked in the digital space for over 25 years. Yes, when Amazon only sold books and when and were the next big thing. Web 1.0, 2.0 and beyond! I remember presenting to corporations to convince them the Internet was not a fad and was not going away!

As a digital marketing expert, I have worked and collaborated with several well-known brands across several industries, including AT&T, General Motors, Hallmark Cards, The Limited Company, Lane Bryant, Best Buy, Pulte Homes, Coke, BET, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Ford. I’ve solved digital, social and e-commerce issues for Fortune 10 companies, online businesses, catalogers, retailers, real estate companies and travel and tourism industries. Their issues are like most small business issues. It boils down to proper relationships with consumers, technology and business objectives.

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