Aisha Blake

Web Developer, Web Accessibility Advocate, Teacher

Don’t just build a website or an App – build it right. Make sure it is usable and accessible to all potential customers. Aisha can show you how.

Aisha provides expertise and insight where it is needed. Whether you are building an online shop with Shopify, launching an app or improving a company website – she can help you do it right and avoid big errors.

Do you need to run your plan by a senior software engineer before you invest a ton of time and money into that project? Schedule a chat with Aisha.

Aisha Blake has a deep love for the tech community in Detroit. She teaches web development to people of all ages in bootcamps, workshops, and online courses. Aisha currently works as Senior Software Engineer at GatsbyJS. Outside of work, Aisha is down for anything as long as there are puppies and/or karaoke involved.

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