Sit down with a professional designer, developer or digital marketing pro.

Get help from an expert who has been there and built that. We can show you how to do it yourself, cheaper than you can hire it out. How cool is that?

We charge only for our time.

  • No scary contracts to sign.
  • No costly deposit upfront.
  • No delays – let’s start your project right away.

With an expert’s help you will learn how to make the right changes to your website, social media and marketing strategy, without hiring an expensive agency. All experts charge the same fee: $150 per hour. 

Step 1: Make An Appointment

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Meet In-Person

Sit down and meet with a tech expert. Bring your project, get real answers to your questions.

web expert online meeting with a pro

Virtual Meeting

Schedule a 1-on-1 Zoom chat with a tech expert. Get real answers to your questions.

Is $150 per hour worth it?

You’re busy and you’re got a list of questions or website to-dos that are sitting unfinished. Staring at you. It’s the worst feeling. And it’s holding your business back from growing your online sales and reaching new customers.

Not getting it done is not an option.

How would you feel if you…

  • Launched that email marketing campaign.
  • Set up & connect your social media accounts.
  • Started selling products or services online.
  • Whipped that website into shape.
  • Planned your social media content for the next 3 months.
  • Launched that blog.
  • Got answers to your WordPress / Squarespace / Shopify questions that have been driving you nuts.
  • Knew that there was a pro nearby who could help.

Is that worth $150? For many entrepreneurs and small businesses, the answer is HECK YEAH.

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