Thank You

We’ve had an amazing 2019 so far. And we owe it to you – our friends, clients, and support system.

We launched eight months ago with only one simple product, a 1 hour help session. Since then Anita Expert has helped over 300 entrepreneurs, shop owners, bloggers, dreamers and doers. Wow!

So let’s take a moment to reflect with gratitude on everything we’ve accomplished so far? It’s something we don’t do nearly enough.

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We’re so glad we met you

It was a highlight of our year to get to chat with so many folks at small business expos and workshops and happy hours. We loved the a-ha moment when someone realized that we offered the exact help they’d been looking for.

We brought our whole team to give away free tech support at Detroit Startup Week. What a sight it was to see a line of people ready to get meet 1-on-1 with an expert.

Helping you with your project(s) is the most rewarding work we have done.

We loved every second of it.

You make us proud

Just look at the work you’ve done to grow your business.

It’s never easy to put something online. But you’re doing it. Kudos to you!

There’s a lot there to be proud of.

This year you…

  • finallllly launched that new website
  • fixed those annoying bugs on your blog
  • got confident using WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify and Wix
  • wrote and published that About Me page
  • started selling your products online
  • changed web hosts
  • figured out how to connect your social media accounts
  • learned pro tips for Instagram and Facebook
  • decided to finally start a business blog
  • purchased a domain for your new business
  • realized it’s time to switch templates – and learned how
  • learned that you know more than you thought you knew
  • got the feedback you needed
  • grew your followers (without paying for ads)
  • etc.

Sometimes our experts helped you get started and sometimes we helped you with the last 10% – which can be the hardest part. We understand that struggle so well.

So take a moment before the next big project, and give yourself credit for all the hard work you did on this one.

Thank you for letting us help you.

It was truly an honor.

Here’s to great things to come.

While it may seem like everyone else is winding down for the holidays, we’re actually gearing up and looking ahead. We have some big things in the works, including discount packages and new workshops.

With gratitude,

The team at Anita Expert

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